Weren't We Supposed To CONSULT Our Allies These Days?

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on June 16, 2009

Hillary Clinton apparently did her best impression of what a Bush Administration unilateralist is supposed to be. The irony would be hysterical if the stakes weren’t so high:

David Miliband has telephoned Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State, to express the government’s disappointment at the deal.

British officials were informed the four Chinese Uighurs were heading to the United Kingdom’s oldest dependency only as they boarded their plane for Bermuda on Wednesday night.

A British diplomat said: “The Foreign Secretary registered his surprise. It was a regrettable mistake. Bermuda, the UK and the US now need to work together to fix it and make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

A senior State Department official said this diplomatic understatement masked a real anger over the Obama administration’s oversight among British officials, telling ABC News: “They’re pissed”.

I would say that one always needs to take reports from British newspapers with a grain of salt, given their traditional over-reliance on anonymous sources, but we have the State Department admitting that it bypassed the British government and dealt directly with Bermuda. I thought that things were supposed to be different in the alleged non-neocon age.

In the meantime, may I point out that it would actually be desirable to have good relations with the British?

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