Not Good Enough

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on June 16, 2009


In an attempt at offering a concession to those outraged about the electoral fraud perpetrated on the Iranian people, the Guardian Council in Iran has pledged to perform a partial recount. However, it has refused to annul the vote. The latter action would demonstrate genuine outrage over the vote-stealing that occurred, but far be it from the regime to actually do the right thing. It hasn’t thus far.

As was proper, Mir Hossein Mousavi rejected the offer for a partial recount. The demonstrations will continue, as they should. And speaking of the demonstrations:

. . . Mr. Ahmadinejad had already incensed protesters when he compared them to angry soccer fans whose team had lost and called them “dust.”

One demonstrator fired off a Twitter message, one of thousands of brief electronic dispatches that kept the outside world up-to-the-minute on the protests, proclaiming: “Ahmadinejad called us dust, we showed him a sandstorm.”

The silent march through central Tehran on Monday represented an extraordinary show of defiance from a broad cross section of society and some protesters began to sense that the leadership’s firm backing of Mr. Ahmadinejad had wavered.

One can certainly hope so.

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