Iran: The Uprising Is Not Going Away

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on June 17, 2009

Consider the following takeaway points from the AP’s coverage of events in Iran:

1. Yet another demonstration has taken place, with thousands of pro-reform demonstrators braving a government attempt at a crackdown to fight against the fraud the Islamic regime seeks to perpetrate on the Iranian people. The pro-Mousavi demonstration stretched out more than a mile. Security forces refused to intervene–were they ordered to stand down, or have they sent a message to their superiors, stating that they will not inflict violence on the Iranian people? Note that this demonstration has occurred even after the Supreme Leader, Ali Khamene’i, said that he would allow for a partial recount.

2. This has spooked the regime enough that it is trying to prevent the press from covering the protests, and has sought to revoke the visas of foreign journalists. At least ten Iranian journalists have been arrested, along with people who took pictures with their cell phones. Can it be any clearer that the regime believes it has something to hide?

3. At least seven people are dead thanks to the work of the security forces. More blood on the regime’s hands.

4. Intriguingly, we have this:

A spokesman for the Guardian Council, Abbas Ali Kadkhodaei, was quoted on state TV as saying the recount would be limited to voting sites where candidates claim irregularities took place. He did not rule out the possibility of canceling the results, saying that is within the council’s powers, although nullifying an election would be an unprecedented step.

One would hope that all of this means that matters are quite parlous for the regime. Its leaders don’t deserve to be comfortable. Not now. Not after all of this.

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