Iran Round-Up

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on June 18, 2009


The opposition plans protests for today, in order to commemorate the deaths of those whose crime was to stand up for freedom and democracy in Iran. The following does not make for pleasant reading, but that doesn’t make the reading any less necessary:

The killings were “savage,” Mir Hossein Mousavi said on his Web site. “The people know who attacked the university dormitories, beat boys and girls, and who killed people in Azadi Square,” where opposition supporters rallied three days ago.

At least 15 people have been killed in protests since last week’s election, seven in attacks on university dormitories in Tehran and Shiraz, south of the capital, and eight in the June 15 march when security forces fired on protesters, the British Broadcasting Corp.’s Persian service reported.

I am sure that the regime hopes that the passage of time will work to take the steam out of the demonstrations. But thus far, it has not; as the Bloomberg story points out, “[t]ens of thousands of Mousavi’s supporters rallied again yesterday in Tehran in a fifth day of demonstrations, as the Foreign Ministry registered a diplomatic protest over what it called ‘interfering remarks’ by U.S. officials since the vote.” The funny thing, of course, is that the United States has barely interfered at all. I guess the regime and its leaders can’t get it through their heads that Iranians don’t need an outside power to tell them that freedom is better than having their nation turned into a giant prison.

Though to be sure, a little help from the United States would be kind of nice. Relatedly: Best tweet ever? Quite possibly.

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