In Defense Of Star Trek: A Response To Benjamin Kerstein

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on June 8, 2009

star-trekI am no Trekkie by any definition of the word, but I enjoy the franchise, know enough about it to disturb myself and others, and felt the need to write about the latest Star Trek movie. A teaser:

So it appears that my colleague, Benjamin Kerstein, was somewhat underwhelmed by the latest Star Trek movie. His criticisms are interesting and well-argued, but I think that he does the movie an injustice. To be sure, Star Trek won’t win any Oscars, but in many respects, the latest film served not only to reboot the franchise, but to given Star Trek fans a deeply satisfying, enjoyable and (dare I type it?) moving cinematic experience.

Read the whole thing.

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