I Think Austan Goolsbee Is Generally A Good Guy . . .

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on June 7, 2009

But he was spinning himself into a state of incoherence today on the talkshows, and got caught for it. Andy McCarthy takes apart Goolsbee’s “arguments.” And Dana Perino properly piled on. Of course, the fact that people like Goolsbee feel that they can make such arguments is indicative of their confidence in the belief that the mainstream media will never challenge their utterances. While Goolsbee should be embarrassed by his hackery, the fact remains that he and other members of the Obama Administration will continue to feel free to try to rewrite history until the mainstream media regularly and vociferously shames them out of the practice. That it has not done so thus far constitutes a significant failure on the part of mainstream journalism to be responsible and vigilant.

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