Go Blues!

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on June 1, 2009

Longtime readers will know that I am a Chelsea fan, and therefore, they will not be surprised to find out that I am delighted that Chelsea has won the FA Cup. It has been a while, of course, since Chelsea has been able to get its hands on some hardware, as the story notes, so winning the FA Cup is sweet indeed. After all, we don’t want to lose to Everton, now do we?

This is the perfect capstone to the managing done by Guus Hiddink, who will now leave Chelsea to go back and manage the Russian national team. Having won the FA Cup, Chelsea is going to have to work to build on its successes, and can do so by establishing some order and continuity at the managing position. Perhaps in doing so, the Blues will be able to get the team behind a leader who will work for the longterm to rally and inspire the players, and make them as competitive as they can be in contending for the English Premier League title, and the Champions League trophy. Manchester United has pretty much dominated in representing the English Premier League on both fronts, and it is high time that they got themselves some competition.

For now, of course, hurrah for the Blues. Here is to more such successes in the future.

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