Curious Coincidences: Venezuela Edition

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on June 5, 2009

Come now. Who actually believes that the head of Globovision, an anti-Chavez television station, is really being prosecuted for usury? It is well known and obvious that the prosecution is based on the fact that Globovision is anti-Chavez, and that the prosecution is an effort to stifle dissent. I mean, read this:

President Hugo Chavez denies the inquiry into Zuloaga is linked to Globovision. But he last week urged the nation’s attorney general, Supreme Court and telecommunications chief to take action against “poisonous” private media or resign.

He gave no specific details and named no specific news organizations, but he has often criticized Globovision and certain newspapers in the past.

Broadcast regulators last month accused Globovision of inciting “panic and anxiety” by criticizing the government for its slow response to a moderate earthquake, and prosecutors this week opened a second inquiry into Zuloaga for a suspected “environmental crime” related to wild animals he’d hunted and had mounted in his Caracas residence. They said they were acting at the request of pro-Chavez lawmakers.

In addition to offending democratic sensibilities, the Chavez regime is hellbent on insulting our intelligence as well. I wonder what those who continue to maintain that Chavez is somehow not a dictator have to say about this.

Actually, I don’t wonder. Statements emanating from that crowd have become all too predictable.

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