Ben Domenech: "Revolt In Iran"

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on June 14, 2009

Rock in the hand of Iranian protester (Reuters)My colleague’s latest is well worth a read:

There is only one conflict in Iran today, to paraphrase Viktor Yushchenko — and it is between the regime and the people.

You wouldn’t know that from watching the news channels on TV in America today, or from reading sites like CNN World, featuring lonely wire service stories on what’s going on in Tehran. But news and images streamed in all day from Facebook and Twitter with reports from individuals on the ground — reports of students standing up to the onrushing military and police forces, of rocks and fire and tear gas, and even of clerics protesting the election’s result. Taken together, the scene appears to be the most violent protests in Iran in decades.

You simply must read it all.

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