When Obama Debated Cheney

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on May 21, 2009

CBS News gave me the chance to weigh in on the Obama-Cheney debate that occurred today. A sample:

Before weighing in on the split-screen showdown that occurred today in Washington, let me be clear about the views I have on the questions before us: I write as one who believes that waterboarding is counterproductive at best, and torture at worst.

I write as one who believes that torture rarely is justified. And I write as one who believes that the patient and ingratiating questioning of terrorists conducted by the FBI has done more to give the United States actionable intelligence than have the interrogation methods implemented by the CIA–methods that were used by people who meant well, but who did not get as much valuable intelligence as did their FBI counterparts.

It would be logical to assume, therefore, that I would be open to many of the arguments President Obama made concerning our anti-terror strategy, our system of prosecuting terrorist suspects, and our methods of interrogation. But I would be lying if I didn’t say that I believe former Vice President Cheney had the better of the argument.

Read the whole thing.

  • TNJim

    While I may disagree with you on whether waterboarding is torture or not (I don’t think it is) your analysis of the contrast between Cheney’s and Obama’s speeches is spot on! If TNL had a recommend button I’d be clicking it! Obama seems to be in permanent campaign mode, and it appears his opponent is always going to be George Bush and his administration. I swear, I believe in the campaign for 2012 we’re going to have to hear anti-Bush stuff all the way through. Whoever the GOP puts up against him, Obama’s going to see George Bush.

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