Sin Of Omission

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on May 25, 2009

mediciVia Tyler Cowen, I have in my blog a list of the 25 best pizzas in the country. Shockingly, there is no mention whatsoever of the Medici.

If this does not constitute an outrage, I don’t know what does. The pan pizzas are to die for, non-pizza lovers (poor souls that they are) can find plenty of other marvelous food choices to make their digestive systems happy, the place has . . . oh, how shall I phrase it . . . character, and since it is on the University of Chicago campus, and since the University of Chicago campus is located in Hyde Park, and since Hyde Park is where the President’s house is located, there are waiters and staff walking around in “Obama Eats Here” t-shirts, which may amuse you, thrill you, or flat-out turn you off, but still makes you feel as if you are eating at the epicenter of power.

I know that the President would join me in demanding a recount. Never let it be said that Democrats and Republicans can’t agree heartily on matters of the stomach.

  • Rich Rostrom

    The Medici is good. Not being a Hyde Parker, I haven’t eaten there in ten years or so, so I won’t vouch for its greatness.

    But on the subject of Chicago pizza, I question any list that omits Lou Malnati’s.

    Of course that list isn’t about good pizza, it’s about clever-dick pizza-like concoctions with lots of exotic ingredients. Feta cheese? Clams in the shells? Wild nettles? I suppose one can produce something good-tasting in this vein, but it isn’t pizza.

    And I object to a list that includes five NYC restaurants, three in SF, two each in Boston, Providence, New Haven, and Philadelphia, and only one in Chicago.

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