Jon Henke Schools Lindsey Graham

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on May 22, 2009

Behold. Just to clarify, Graham started this entire episode by taking a shot at libertarians. South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford responded to Graham. His retort is worth noting:

“Throw me in that briar patch,” responded Sanford. “I’m guilty. I love liberty and I think that ought to be a good thing and I don’t think that it’s something people should back away from. I’ve been accused of being a libertarian and I would say I wear it as a badge of honor because I do love, believe in and want to support liberty.”

For the Republican party to be successful, it will require the inclusion and support of both conservatives and libertarians in its coalition. It’s a pity that Graham wants to cut off the libertarian wing from the GOP, but it is heartening that people like Henke and Sanford are willing to push back against him.

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