Hoisted From The Comments Section: Ron Paul Edition

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on May 7, 2009

Write anything even mildly critical about the Texas Congressman, and you get . . . well . . . this:

Pejman Yousefzadeh – other than getting more reads than any story on this website, what was the purpose of writing this? I know that putting Ron Paul in the title of an article will draw thousands of clicks, but c’mon.

Oh – this line “Ron Paul is more a passing fad than he is a voice of the future.”

I dont think so, I think you’d hope it to be that way. Maybe if enough people in the media keep saying it, we’ll go away. NO CHANCE. You are on notice Pejman Yousefzadeh, apologize to the Ron Paul Revolution for your mistakes.

I guess I know what kind of vacation is in store for me, once I get something resembling free time.

  • Idahoj1

    Take all the time you need.
    Ron Paul may get you those clicks you seem to be after, but do you think it’s because he’s such a charismatic, silver-tongued wordsmith that defines someone such as yourself?
    We see the craftsmanship of what makes a successful blogger in this example- one line, a hoisted cut-n-paste comment, another line and “Ron Paul” again in the title.
    Hey- find a working formula….
    Actually maybe speaking the speech in such plain, common sense terms as Dr. Paul does is an artform.
    Or maybe few other politicians have thought of that novel idea of insisting that our government and those in office are not above the law- that those powers are to be kept in check and our limited to set rules. A lawyer would know where to find such rules, no?
    What legal document limits and defines what each branch of our government can do? Is this document valid? Is it even important?
    If not are we not hypocritical to maintain our apparent allegiance to it?
    You seem more interested in writing “mild criticisms” about a good congressman from Texas than even discussing whether either major party or anyone in government is acting constitutional today. Law may not be high on your priorities.
    That’s the subject of Ron Paul’s message that hooks so many citizens into questioning the powers-that-be, no matter the party.
    Anyway, personally I’m not looking for an apology.
    Keep up the power-blogs, wishing you many clicks to maintain your feelings of validation.

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