Gitmo Stays Open

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on May 19, 2009

And for that, one can thank the Senate Democrats, who pulled money from the supplemental appropriations bill that would have gone towards closing Gitmo. Think Progress is infuriated, and is taking out its anger on Harry Reid, but neither it, nor any other liberal interest group should be surprised. The only purpose said groups have, after all, is to provide support to Democratic candidates–their 501(c)(3) status notwithstanding–when election time comes around. When policymaking time comes around, however, groups like Think Progress are pushed to the side, and have no say whatsoever in the big decisions.

Especially funny is the excerpt that Think Progress gives us from Harry Reid’s statement:

“President George W. Bush, Senator John McCain, Secretary Colin Powell, President Obama and I all agree – Guantanamo must be closed. President Obama’s approach is a responsible one.

Suddenly, apparently, it became all right to ally oneself with George W. Bush and John McCain. Who woulda thunk it?

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