Eric Cantor And The National Council For A New America

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on May 7, 2009

My colleague, Ben Domenech, has secured a very interesting interview with House Republican Whip Eric Cantor, whose National Council for a New America has been the talk of the town. Cantor’s commentary on the mission and purpose of the group, and the future of the Republican party, is very illuminating. A sample:

The brilliance of leadership in this country, throughout our history, has been understanding the challenges of the day, and offering the people solutions to those challenges. Our solutions, as conservatives, are based on those core principles. As a Virginian, I can say personally that I feel I’ve inherited that duty in office, passed on since the earliest leaders in our country who acted as servants, paving the way for our democracy. It’s those principles, the same ones that guided the writing of the Constitution, that have to guide us toward the solutions we offer. We need to reconnect those principles, target their lessons toward the problems that worry so many Americans, I firmly believe that if we are principled — that we don’t have to forget our principles or ignore them, fail to apply them — but that we can’t just adhere to them, we have to apply them. We have to make them relevant to the challenges people are facing today.

Think about it this way: right now, small businesses, working families, single moms, are all facing unprecedented challenges. The problems a single mom has to think about now every morning when she wakes up are incredibly daunting. She’s looking for some answers. She’s listening to the TV, the radio, she’s reading the blogs — not the newspapers, by the way — and she knows things aren’t right in Washington. She has questions. She hasn’t been getting an answer from us. The other side has been giving her an answer, it might not be a good answer or an answer that works, but it’s an answer. This is an opportunity for us to grow the conservative movement by returning to those commonly held principles that I think most people identify with. We have to look to transcend some of the old divisions right now, the one’s we’ve accepted for too long, and stick to the common purpose I believe we still have.

We all want to see this country return to prosperity. The best way forward is as conservatives.

There is a lot more. Read it all.

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