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by Pejman Yousefzadeh on May 15, 2009

“They said that if I voted for John McCain, we would see a return to Bush-era military tribunals to try terrorist suspects with. And they were right!

President Obama has been accused of a major policy U-turn after he decided to restore the controversial military commissions set up by George Bush to prosecute terror suspects.

The surprise White House announcement reversed his campaign pledge to rely on the conventional court system.

The move was last night criticised by human rights groups, who believed Mr Obama intended to dismantle the terror tribunals after calling them ‘an enormous failure’ during last year’s presidential campaign.

It was the president’s second U-turn this week, after he changed his mind and pledged to try and block the court-ordered release of photographs showing U.S. soldiers abusing prisoners.

Meet the new boss, etc.

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