Combating North Korea: A Battle Plan

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on May 27, 2009

dprk-bannerCourtesy of Philip Zelikow. Probably the most comprehensive plan I have seen in a while, and even if there are shortcomings contained within it, it is worth considering and building on. We appear to be desperately low on options when it comes to dealing with the threat posed by North Korea and frankly, at this point, ideas should be welcomed from all fronts.

Of course, I am interested in reading about how Zelikow proposes to disable North Korean efforts to proliferate nuclear material. Is Zelikow considering the prospect of war? I would think not, but I don’t know how his objective would be achieved peaceably. Also, the question is unresolved on how best to get the Chinese and the Russians firmly on our side. Having written all of this, I’ll reiterate that it is reassuring to see someone like Zelikow thinking serious about these issues. Hopefully, more people will join him in proposing innovative ideas for the United States to implement.

The New Ledger’s own Joshua Stanton has written on how North Korea’s nuclear test impacts the world. I highly recommend his piece.

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