Arlen Specter Gets Karmic Payback?

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on May 5, 2009

Wouldn’t it be funny if Arlen Specter’s opportunistic switch to the Democratic party does him no good whatsoever in getting re-elected?

It would. And it also might be the way things play out when it comes to Specter’s re-election effort. After all, Big Labor is threatening not to back Specter if he continues to work against card-check legislation. More here.

Of course, the danger is that this threat may cause Specter to back card-check in order to keep Big Labor happy. Thus far, however, he hasn’t. And I have to think that between Specter’s low numbers among Democrats who aren’t yet enamored of him despite his switch, his general electoral vulnerability, and his refusal thus far to support card-check, that this threat from Big Labor has him worried.

I don’t mind stating that a Specter loss would be karmic payback not just for his exceedingly crass opportunism in switching parties, but also for the shocking and appalling way he sought to make use of Jack Kemp’s death in order to advance a political point. What John F. Kennedy said about Richard Nixon goes for Arlen Specter as well: “No class.”

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