And Now, For Something Completely Different–Namely, Sherlock Holmes

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on May 19, 2009

I heard vague rumblings about a new Sherlock Holmes movie coming out, and I heard that Robert Downey, Jr. would play the great detective. I doubted him for the part of Tony Stark and he proved me wrong. I shall never doubt him again, and he appears to give me no reason to:

Of course, trailers have a way of making any movie look good, so the proof that this latest cinematic treatment of Holmes is worthy of our attentions will be found only in the watching of the entire movie. Still, I am hopeful. It’s possible that the humor may be excessive, and that this might take away from the mystery and suspense that should attend any telling of a tale about Sherlock Holmes. But Downey has shown an ability to properly and appropriately marry humor with drama when called upon to do so. If he is able to do so in his portrayal of Holmes, then we should be just fine.

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