There's No Such Thing As "Too Much Choice"

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on April 3, 2009

So sayeth Tyler Cowen, and quite persuasively at that. Amazingly enough, this issue keeps coming up from time to time and as a consequence, we get various busybodies with brows furrowed and lined deeply with concern telling us that it’s just such a shame that consumers are so inundated by choice these days. Then, after trying to scare us with this bizarre worry, they tell us that they have a plan to lessen choice and thus, make us happy. How they plan on lessening choice is not left up to the consumer, of course. Rather, it is left to the very people who have furrowed brows, lined deeply with concern. We are supposed to trust them to take away choices they deem to be extraneous, and leave the choices that they deem to be necessary or important. And thus, another effort is made on yet another front in order to take away one of our freedoms.

I thought that this philosophy was bunk four years ago, when the choice restricting crowd first appeared on my radar screen. I have seen nothing in the interim to change my mind.

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