The North Korean Rocket Launch

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on April 5, 2009

It appears to have “fizzled,” but it has made enough of an impression to attract the attention of the UN Security Council. The problem is that any action the Security Council takes will likely be undermined by Russia and China, as the story points out. American options are few–though this entire episode ought to be enough to convince President Obama that a world without nuclear weapons is a fantasy–and it will be interesting to see what actions are taken other than telling the North Koreans “Stop! Or we shall say ‘stop’ again!”

Thus far, there has been no coherent policy enunciated by the Administration to deal with the North Korean threat. Will there be one soon now that the North Koreans have decided to grab the spotlight again with yet another provocative display of their potential nuclear-delivery capability? One would hope so, however, despite North Korean warnings that it would test its missile capabilities, the Administration appears to have been caught flat-footed nevertheless.

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