The Fabulist, Joe Biden

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on April 9, 2009

I’m just astonished. The degree to which the Vice President engages in the telling of tall tales is so astonishing–and so easily debunked–that it is shocking to consider he has gotten as far as he has and that there are people willing to swear to the contention that he is in possession of a superior intellect. Of course, whenever Biden steps in it verbally, the reaction is generally an eye-roll and a shrug; “oh, that Joe,” as Jake Tapper would put it. But really, the dishonesty is systematic and ridiculous.

It is not enough to point out that the Vice President is being a blowhard and that he exceeds the self-aggrandizement of most politicians in the telling of his self-glorifying tales. We ought to remember as well that in telling these tales, the Vice President is actively insulting our collective intelligence by behaving as though his transparent lies cannot be discovered by an investigative media, or blown out of the water by other public officials who are in the know and who can disprove his ridiculous claims. There is nothing that can be done, apparently, if in the autumn of his life, the Vice President behaves as though his mental processes are no longer at whatever peak they once were. There is, however, plenty that can be done in reminding the Vice President that just because he chooses to behave foolishly and unintelligently, it does not follow that the rest of the country has to behave the same way, or is even predisposed to behaving the same way.

By the way, who vetted this guy for Barack Obama? Because those people should not have jobs in politics.

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