Shorter Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on April 23, 2009

saberi4501“Despite the potential for better relations with the United States, I will do nothing to protect Roxana Saberi from the injustices that have been and will continue to be inflicted on her by the political and judicial system in Iran. Through my inaction, I confirm that neither I, nor my fellow theocrats have any interest in human rights nor any understanding on how to improve Iran’s national standing.”

Yet another indication of why Iran’s people are better than its government. Far better. Interestingly enough, few–if any–journalists have asked the Obama Administration why it is that the regime is taking such a belligerent stance against the safety and dignity of American citizens if the leadership of the regime is as willing and eager to reopen relations with the United States as people claim. We know, of course, that the Iranian people want to reopen relations with the United States, but then, we also know that the Iranian people would not countenance the regime-sponsored kidnapping of an American citizen who also holds Iranian citizenship, because such behavior runs completely counter to Iranian notions of hospitality and courtesy to guests, and because such actions would serve to doom the chances of any effort at rapprochement.

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