Preach, Brother Teachout

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on April 25, 2009

chicago_summerSpring has come, at last, to my hometown of Chicago; the weather is in the 80s and it is quite humid, which presumably means that we only have one more bout of heavy snowfall before we will escape winter’s cold, clammy hand. (I jest, but only partly; in Chicago, it has been known to snow in early May). For this reason, Terry Teachout’s chosen quote naturally spoke to me.

It seems that Chicago veers from freezing cold to ridiculous humidity without a moment’s pause, and there are plenty of people who dislike the extremes in weather here. I dislike the cold, but the warm weather is great because it reminds one of summer, barbecuing, the Cubs, the Taste of Chicago, the Fourth of July fireworks off of the lakefront, and the lollygagging that goes on outside in warm weather that is utterly and completely impossible during the cold winter months, when everyone outside is just struggling to get inside in order to protect themselves from the elements.

So I am pretty much rejoicing right now. I’ll certainly remain a blogging addict, but if in the next few months, the site is a tad slower in delivering new content, you will know that I am not at my desk, but rather, enjoying the warm weather outside . . . before the snowfall comes anew and the icicles form again.

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