Intellectual Property Wars: Hollywood Is Out To Lunch

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on April 25, 2009

Read FreedomWorks’s press release on Hollywood’s desperate efforts to stop RealDVD technology from being used, and you will find just how out of touch Hollywood is when it comes to the issue of intellectual property. As the press release makes clear, RealDVD allows you to make back-up copies of DVDs that you have already bought, does not permit movies to be burned or distributed on the Web, and does nothing whatsoever to undermine legitimate intellectual property interests. That there is a campaign going against RealDVD is bizarre. What’s next? An effort to ensure that we will not have the ability to upload songs from CDs we bought to iTunes?

The position paper can be found here, and is also very much worth a read. The sooner that intellectual property laws are reformed and updated for the 21st Century, the less the chances that we will have to put up with situations such as this one. There is no common sense reason whatsoever for this controversy to be taking place.

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