Guns To Mexico: Inflating The Figures

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on April 18, 2009

The degree to which Mexico is increasingly resembling a failed state has gotten a lot of discussion in foreign policy circles, but not nearly as much discussion as it needs. Mexico has attracted the attention and interest of the Obama Administration, which is a good thing, but unfortunately, the Obama Administration appears to be playing fast and loose with the facts when it comes to the state of affairs in the country.

Specifically, because there has not been enough discussion concerning what is going on in Mexico, there have been few challenges to the Obama Administration’s claim that 90% of the recovered crime guns in Mexico came from the United States. As indicated by Andrew Malcolm, an examination of this claim was conducted by, which found, per the statements of Mexico’s own attorney general, that the actual figure of recovered crime guns coming from the United States is less than half of what the Obama Administration claims.

All the attention in the world on the problems facing Mexico will do nothing to alleviate those problems if the President of the United States has decided to employ false information in his analysis of those problems and his search for a solution. Another setback for the hopes of those who believed that this would be a “reality-based” Administration.

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