by Pejman Yousefzadeh on April 14, 2009

If Republicans are going to get back into a position governance, they–we–will have to expand the base and make alliances with people our fathers’ Republican party may have thought outside the pale. GOProud is one such potential ally and they ought to be reached out to as soon and as insistently as possible.

Let’s face it: Republicans have a branding problem. Many people believe that there is a stereotypical Republican–white, Christian, male–and that beyond this stereotypical membership roll, the Republican party is not really interested in attracting other people to its membership rolls. GOProud is willing to defy this belief by its very existence, and is prepared to help show the country at large that there are more Republicans in heaven and earth, than are dreamt of in the philosophy of the punditocracy, the Democratic party, and the electorate at large. But it will only succeed if the Republican party helps it to.

So it ought to receive that help. It ought to receive it from the first African-American chairman of the Republican party; himself a trailblazer. It ought to receive it from Representatives and Senators willing to work to expand the GOP’s reach and base of support. It ought to receive it from think tanks and outside groups whose aims are similar to those of the GOP’s. And it ought to receive that help now.

There is a lot that can be done for the purposes of creating new and valuable political alliances, and for the purposes of injecting new intellectual life into the Republican party and into the conservative movement in general. This effort will necessarily involve new and novel groups whose presence in the Republican big tent may have been inconceivable some years back. That membership is not so inconceivable now, but the effort of those groups ought to receive reciprocity in order for the Republican party and the conservative movement to thrive. Being stingy with that reciprocity will only ensure that the Republican party and the conservative movement will stand still. And given that the party and the movement are out of power, standing still is a sure path to marginalization and extinction.

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