Dear, Sick Leader

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on April 11, 2009

Not looking too good, eh? This does bring up interesting questions concerning the succession, of course. If the youngest son is being groomed, does that mean that he is prepared to take over now? Doubtful; he is only 25, after all, so I guess there will be some kind of regency–perhaps a form of direct military rule until Kim Jong-un is prepared to assume total control. But what if the regency outlasts Kim Jong-Il himself? Perhaps then, there would be no one able to assert Jong-un’s claim to leadership, which may mean an end to the Kim dynasty and a change in North Korea’s dealings with the rest of the world. It should be interesting to watch.

Also, what honorific would we give Kim Jong-un? Baby Leader? How about a regent? Burying-The-Leader? I’m open to comments and suggestions on this one.

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