Czar Orszag

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on April 7, 2009

It’s not all blogging here at The New Ledger. We write articles too! My latest is on OMB Director Peter Orszag and his drive to reform health care. In the article, I argue that Orszag may end up being the key player on health care reform, but that when it comes to examining what kind of policy is likely to emanate from his efforts, we ought to be worried. Summing up:

To truly understand the mechanics of the health care reform legislation that is likely to come down the legislative pipeline, it would do well for more people to understand that Peter Orszag is going to be the driving Cabinet-rank figure behind health care reform. He has the intellectual energy, the legislative experience and the Washington savvy to do what Tom Daschle was supposed to do; captain the legislative effort all the way to a Presidential signing ceremony. But while no one doubts Orszag’s intellectual and political skills to implement the President’s grand design on health care policy, the Budget Director leaves much to be desired when it comes to giving us information concerning the medical procedures he intends to get rid of and the money he believes he will save in the process. And when it comes to examining the type of health care reform Orszag and the Obama Administration want to see put into place, much is left to be desired by way of salubrious results.

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