by Pejman Yousefzadeh on April 19, 2009

A bleak look into what we might be in for in a universal health insurance coverage world. Just because you have health insurance, does not mean that you are going to get cared for by a physician. By all means, read the whole thing, but the money graf comes at the end:

Bottom line: None of the current plans, government or private, provide my patients with the care they need. And the care that is provided is increasingly expensive and requires a big battle for approvals. Of course, we’re promised by the Obama administration that universal health insurance will avoid all these problems. But how is that possible when you consider that the medical turnstiles will be the same as they are now, only they will be clogged with more and more patients? The doctors that remain in this expanded system will be even more overwhelmed than we are now.

I wouldn’t want to be a patient when that happens.

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