And They Say That All The Clever Thinking Is Done By The Left These Days (Part Deux)

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on April 15, 2009

Having apparently decided that no trope is too tired to be trotted out anew, Eric Alterman regales us with the thought that the election of Barack Obama proves that we are no longer “a nation of idiots.” Presumably, we were once a nation of idiots–back in the days when we elected Republican Presidents–but thanks to the most recent election cycle, our collective IQ just skyrocketed, and now, we are bright and clever things. We even love France!

Of course, I didn’t need the Obama election to love France. I loved it even before the election. I shall continue to love it. But according to Alterman’s “logic” (I use the term loosely to describe his brand of reasoning), we will all be idiots again if we don’t elect his favorite candidates to high office.

I love people who push ideas like this, and then act as though they have the right to sneer at the intelligence of others. It makes for great unintentional comedy.

  • E Pluribus Unum

    The self-parody by the guys like Alterman, and for that matter, the major network anchors, is so complete that if you were to take the masters and simply add laugh tracks at the appropriate places, you’d have some pretty funny TV.

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