Our Potential Future: Labor Policy

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on March 27, 2009

Want to know what might happen if card-check legislation gets passed? Take a gander at this:

A bill working its way through Congress that changes how employees can create and join unions is facing tough criticism from workers who say it gives unions the green light to use aggressive tactics to get them to sign up.

The Employee Free Choice Act — known in Congress as the “card check” bill — calls for an easier system to allow employees to form, join, or assist labor organizations. Under the bill, employees can request blank cards from existing unions that employees can sign to express interest in joining the union. If 30 percent of employees sign the cards, companies can hold secret-ballot elections to decide on unionization.

But workers at the Dana Corporation Auto Parts plant in Albion, Ind., say the card check process has nearly torn the 50-person plant apart after harassment and intimidation from the United Auto Workers union forced them to a secret-ballot vote.

A union organizer came to the plant two years ago to ask employees to join the UAW because the company had signed a neutrality agreement with the union.

The meeting, however, did not go well, according to plant employee Larry Guest.

“He was using real rough language — cursing. It didn’t go over well with the women at all. There were a couple that just got up and left,” Guest told FOX News.

Employees said union representatives approached them in the break room, at the plant doors and even followed them to their cars.

“He was just like an itch that you couldn’t scratch. He just wouldn’t go away,” said employee Rita Murphy.

People were approached at their homes. They were intimidated or badgered into signing cards. There apparently were threats of violence as well.

And amazingly enough, some Representatives and Senators–along with the Obama Administration and its allies in Big Labor–want to legitimize this kind of behavior by passing card-check legislation.

I just don’t know how it is possible to wrap one’s mind around that.

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