Making Lemonade Out Of Paul Krugman's Lemons

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on March 29, 2009

It must surely disappoint, embarrass and concern people on the port side of the political divide that Paul Krugman has been so dramatically revealed as a critic of the Obama Administration. After all, those who like Krugman also like Obama, and vice versa. The fact that they don’t sing “Kumbaya” together in celebration of the end of the reign of the evil Bushitler has got to be discomfiting.

As a consequence, spinning and the ex post facto justifications for Krugman’s clear lack of regard for the Obama Administration are the order of the day. Comes now “dday” to claim that while there are some differences, this is all part of a master plan that “gives Obama space on the left to put out an more progressive agenda than otherwise.” Throw in references to “Overton windows” and dday doubtless considers his spinmeistering to be complete and successful.

To be sure, Krugman may–may–serve as a useful tool in pushing the President further to the Left. But given the fact that this is still a center-right country, isn’t it more likely that the President will consider Krugman useful only insofar as Krugman’s opposition is able to convince voters that the President is a moderate? And as a consequence, isn’t it likely that the President will continue to find reasons to enrage Paul Krugman since it is in the President’s political interest to do so?

I appreciate the fact that dday feels he needs to make lemonade out of Krugman’s lemons. But he’s done a bad job of it thus far.

N.B.: The Washington Monthly post was initially attributed to Steve Benen. I have changed the post to indicate that dday is the guest-writer responsible for the post to which I am responding. Apologies to Mr. Benen for the error.

  • KwameJones

    Thank goodness we have you to remind us that this is center-right country… with the recent election where the American people overwhelmingly elected a man the republican party never missed a beat in called ‘the most progressive presidential candidate ever’ it’s easy to forget. Now the real job will be in reminding the American people, who are still giving the Marxist, Socialist, and Communist Obama resoundingly high approval ratings… let me know how that goes for you.

  • Pejman Yousefzadeh

    First off, it’s not my fault that publications like Newsweek declared the U.S. to be a center-right nation immediately after Obama’s election. Indeed, I would not be surprised to find that Obama has taken note of the country’s center-right status, which may explain the fact that he is enraging the likes of Paul Krugman. Sorry that upsets you, but that’s not my problem.

    Secondly, saying that Obama won “overwhelmingly” when he only got 53% of the popular vote in an election cycle where the Republican brand had taken serious hits is as ridiculous, though it is predictable to read such claims from those on the port side of politics.

    Finally, you called him a “Communist.” I didn’t. Report to the nearest re-education camp immediately.

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