A Clever School Choice Pitch

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on March 27, 2009

Stuart Buck is a smart man. There has been a lot of attention concerning the improvements that would come in education post-implementation of school choice policies. However, there just has not been enough emphasis on the fact that the implementation of school choice would allow for smarter policies to be followed by schools in their in loco parentis roles. Competition would force schools to fight to attract and keep students–and their parents–by dispensing with crazy policies like treating ibuprofen as if it were an addictive drug, or a gateway to addictive drugs. As Buck’s post makes clear, we ought to emphasize that school choice will not just improve the classroom instruction environment, it will also improve the administrative environment that goes so far in determining the character of a school and its ability to deal intelligently with its student population on a whole host of issues.

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